Hedge Fund

Hedge Fund


  • Tamir Fishman Equity Opportunity Fund is an absolute return fund aiming to provide investors with exceptional risk-adjusted returns leveraging on the principles of value investing applied opportunistically in a broad range of situations.
  • We aim to build a focused portfolio of high-quality securities acquired when fear or uncertainty creates a sizeable gap between the price of the stock and the value of the underlying company.

:Fund Description


  • The fund seeks to generate long term capital appreciation through an opportunistic application of the principles of value investing in a broad range of situations.
  • Our investments focus on equities, bonds, cash and derivatives. 
  • The fund shall invest on a global basis with an emphasis on developed markets, particularly North America and Western Europe.
  • The fund's investments shall be agnostic in terms of market cap (can include companies of differing market cap).
  • The number of existing core positions can vary depending on market conditions, but we expect it to be between typically between 10 and 15 core equity positions. Our typical investment size for a core positions is approximately 10%. For exceptionally attractive opportunities with a maximum initial exposure of up to 20%.
  • Typically the fund operates with exposure of around 90%, but this can vary based on market conditions and prevailing valuations. 



Some of the benefits of investing with Tamir Fishman Hedge Funds:

  • Backed by Tamir Fishman, an established financial services group.
  • Experienced team of investment professionals with proven track record, and strong private / public market expertise.
  • Unique, competitive fee structure.
  • Option of onshore and offshore investment vehicles
  • Serviced by the leading 3rd party providers in Israel in order to insure the highest level of supervision, transparency, and operational reliability.


For Further Information:

Mr.Gabriele Grego, Managing Partner, Hedge Funds: Gabrielg@tamfish.com


Mrs. Orit Laban, Distribution and Operation Manager, Hedge Funds:  Oritl@tamfish.com (+972)36849384



Disclaimer: This document is for information purposes only and does not constitute an offer or the solicitation of an offer, of any securities nor does it constitute an investment advisory service. Performance results for the fund are net of fees. All figures are estimated and unaudited and may be subject to adjustment. Past performance is not an indication or prediction of future results. The fund manager has taken over the portfolio management of TF Equity Opportunity Fund on 09/2014