Hedge Fund

Hedge Fund

Tamir Fishman is active in the field of hedge funds since 2010 through Tamir Fishman Equity Opportunity Fund:

The fund is a value oriented, long bias equity fund, focused on exploiting temporary market inefficiencies in stocks of high quality Israeli and foreign companies.

The Minimum investment in the fund is 1 million NIS. The fund is directed to premium private clients and institutional investors.

:Fund Description

  • The fund focuses on temporary situations that create stock mispricing, including: macro factors, institutional imperatives, capital structure changes, M&A and IPOs, and companies undergoing operational change.
  • The fund invests globally, focusing primarily on small and mid cap companies where the team can develop an investment edge.
  • The fund applies selective position hedges to reduce risks of capital loss in the portfolio.
  • The fund maintains a net exposure of 50%-100%, with no position exceeding 5% at cost.  

Some of the benefits of investing with Tamir Fishman Hedge Funds:

  • Backed by Tamir Fishman, an established financial services group.
  • Experienced team of investment professionals with proven track record, and strong private / public market expertise.
  • Unique, highly competitive fee structure. Including 0% management fee track (incentive fee only).
  • Reduced risk through shorting, hedging, and flexible use of cash.
  • Serviced by the leading 3rd party providers in Israel in order to insure the highest level of supervision, transparency, and operational reliability.

For Further Information:

Mr.Ariel Bino, Managing Partner, Hedge Funds:  (+972)-3-6849260 ArielB@tamfish.com


Mrs. Orit Laban, Distribution and Operation Manager, Hedge Funds: (+972)-3-6849370 Oritl@tamfish.com



*This document is made solely for the partners of the fund, for information purposes only and does not constitute an offer to sell or buy any securities. Performance results for the fund are net of fees. Performance return calculations are based on the assumption of a tax exempt investor who invested at the Fund's inception on February 1, 2010, and made no additional capital contributions or withdrawals. Thus individual investors' performance may vary, inter alia, according to their own tax situation and high watermark. Past performance is not necessarily indicative of future results, and an investment in the fund involves the risk of loss. The information described above regarding predicted activity shall not oblige the fund's management, and the fund's manager may act differently on its discretion